Wednesday, 06 July 2011

PWC packaging report? Threat or Opportunity

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I came across PWC sustainable packaging report and I was interested to read that PWC see the consumer driving a trend that the food business in the form of the supermarkets and their suppliers are struggling to keep up with.  For all of us who shop at supermarkets we can see this lack of progress.  The report also describes the change to more sustainable packaging as being enivitable.

The report does a good job of is explaining why we are not seeing better packaging outcomes more broadly applied. The obvious cost issue aside, but the environmental impact, in our minds  as consumers is heavily skewed towards what we do with the packaging post use, not so much focusing on improving shelf life and reducing waste within the supply chain.

My take away is that for those of us in this space, building product in partnership with customers is the only way to meet the food retailers sustainability needs as well as the end customers.


Friday, 01 July 2011

Economist - The pause in climate change

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The Economist has an article this week that talks about how the mystery of the pause in global warming may have been solved. The answer seems to lie at the bottom of the sea. The article talks about how over the past few years one of the biggest questions in climate science has been why, since the turn of the century, average surface-air temperatures on Earth have not risen, even though the concentration in the atmosphere of heat-trapping carbon dioxide has continued to go up. This “pause” in global warming has been seized on by those sceptical that humanity needs to act to curb greenhouse-gas emissions or even (in the case of some extreme sceptics) who think that man-made global warming itself is a fantasy. People with a grasp of the law of conservation of energy are, however, sceptical in their turn of these positions and doubt that the pause is such good news. They would rather understand where the missing heat has gone, and why—and thus whether the pause can be expected to continue.  A great article.



Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Packaging in Africa

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Business Day has given a sense of the Nigerian packaging firms ambition.  These businesses will leverage on latest technologies and innovations in the industry to boost their top-line and bottom-line performances.

Between Tuesday and Thursday last week, a three-day exhibition entitled ‘Propak West Africa’ was organised for industry players. Over 50 local and foreign exhibitors participated and exhibited the latest technologies that would improve the fortunes of the packaging industry and drive up its current 4 percent annual growth rate.

The developing world through neccessity of cost and more local supply chains has given our business a strong idea about how to package goods using environmentally friendly materials that are cheap. As the consumer market becomes more sophisticated markets like India have seen adoption of less environmentally friendly solutions.  I hope Africa’ s consumers get the best of new innovation and also environmentally sensible solutions.